7 New Home Superstitions from Around the World

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7 New Home Superstitions from Around the World

Moving to a new home? Here are a few traditions from around the world to bring luck and cast out bad energy. Here are a few.

1. Make a clean sweep
According to U.S. superstition, your old broom can carry all the negative energy from your former dwelling place to the new one. Leave it behind for a fresh start.

2. The door to success
According to old Irish tradition, the first time you leave your new home you should exit through the same door you entered to ensure good luck. After your initial departure you’re free to leave through whichever door you’d like.

3. Ward off evil (and stale smells)
Native Americans traditionally burn dried sage and wave the smoke around the corners of a room to clear out negative energy. If you’re allergic to ragweed, you might want to skip this one as sage is in the same family.

4. Let your pot overflow
Indian tradition holds that boiling milk and rice in a pot until it overflows helps bring purity and long life to the homeowners. Another Indian tradition is to bring a cow into your new home and wrap a flower garland around its neck – a bit more logistically challenging than the rice.

5. Set the tone
Tibetan moving rituals include ringing a “space-clearing’ bell in each room of a new home to clear away old, dying chi (life force energy).

6. Bread and salt
According to Jewish tradition, bread and salt should be the first items brought into a new home. The loaf of bread ensures that the homeowners never know hunger. The salt will bring a life that’s always full of flavor.

7. Lightning insurance?
The ancient Norse believed that putting an acorn on a windowsill protected the home from lightning strikes. Blind-pulls shaped like acorns remain popular today.

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