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4 Reasons Why You Should Use a Realtor To Sell Your Home – Agent Elevation

4 Reasons Why You Should Use a Realtor To Sell Your Home

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4 Reasons Why You Should Use a Realtor To Sell Your Home

  1. Pricing

The quickest and most affordable way to sell your house is, it must be priced right. Priced too high then you price yourself out of the market and your home sit for several months. You do not want to aspirationally price your home. Price too low, and you lose money.

Experienced agents have extensive knowledge of your local market and how to price based on those specifics. By hiring an agent, you’ll ensure you won’t make any emotional home seller mistakes when pricing your home.

  1. Negotiating

Selling your home is a serious business transaction. The sale process has three important negotiation steps: the initial offer, the counteroffer, and the post offer period, which includes inspections and requests for repairs if any.

Bottom line: It is crucial to have a  skilled and objective negotiator on your side during these discussions and thought out the transaction.

  1. Exposure

You want your home to get the maximum exposure to the greatest number of potential buyers. Your agent will prepare all the marketing materials. It is crucial to have a agent with a digital marketing team, the new wave of marketing. Exposing your property on all social media avenues. In addition host open houses, and network regularly with other agents who may have interested buyers.

  1. Smooth sale process (Monitoring, Renegotiating and Closing)

Experienced real estate agents have the experience to work through the transaction process efficiently, stepping in when there are any type of issues, dealing with buyers’ objections and complaints, ensuring that everything stays on track, facilitating & coordinating all parties involved and contracts to escrow to ensure a  successful close. Between the initial sales agreement and the closing several questions or demands may arise, repairs may be requested by the buyer. All which need expert negotiating. The amount of paperwork alone is overwhelming for most sellers and these contracts must be drafted correctly to maintain your protection.

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